Chennai update and lessons learnt…


Things seem to be slowly returning to normal in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai and its adjoining areas, which were affected by the incessant rains.
With help pouring in from all quarters, Chennai is slowly bouncing back..
(Boy, I sound like a news reporter 🙈)

Though, it  will definitely  take time for things to be normal and hope to be restored, the entire country is busy debating as to who is to be blamed??Nature?? Global warming?? Drastic climatic changes?? The cities drainage systems?? The political parties ?? (blaming each other)

In the end, To each his own..

As chennai slowly recovers and heals..a feeling of goodwill too prevails..
I have only been reading and watching updates  about Chennai from the comfort of my home far far away, seriously I appreciate the efforts of every single person who made a difference to someone who needed help in chennai..

Thank god humanity exists even to this day.


Among all the Whats app messages and pics circulating, stating the ongoings and the progress of the people there,
One such message was really heartfelt..

So sharing it here on my weekly dose of Sunday Gyaans..

This holds good not just to the Chennai floods but to every calamity which has struck our nation and other nations of the world..

Thus it goes..

25 positive lessons learned from Chennai Floods 2015 :

1. Religion can easily be kept at home where it truly belongs. 🏩

2. Pride can be swallowed to the deepest pits of silence.😶

3. Bravery can be very very infectious. 👮


4. Warmth can spread faster than violence. 🌠

5. The strongest gates of homes can open up without request. 🏠🔓

6. The mischievous youth of yesterday have become the global beacon of hope. 👬👭


7. Husbands who have never seen their own kitchens can sit for days in community kitchens without a single complaint and still be happy. 👨

8. Women who were toiling with kids at home can coordinate some of the biggest rescue operations. 👩

9. Help has come from the poorest towards the richest not for the first time and not the last.


10. The tightest purse is now over flowing without any strings attached. 💰💸💳

11.  Muslims have prayed in Hindu Houses, Hindus have prayed in Christian houses and Christians have prayed in Sikh house and Sikhs have prayed in Jain Houses without a finger or even a word raised against each other. 💒🏯

12. People who threw stones at animals are now feeding them. 🐾🐾


13. People who lost everything did not lose their smile. 🎭

14.Schools, Colleges and Universities of learning are teaching a new syllabus of accommodation and fellowship.🏤

15. Social Media which was called the next big evil turned overnight into a tool which saved thousands of lives. 🎥📡📺


16. Theft and crimes in houses which were vacant and left open, and on people forced on to the streets, were less than normal. 🔫🔪❌

17. Nobody talks of caste when allowing them home for food or stay or while distributing essentials. ⚡

18. People have learned to stand in a queue at the ATMs, Community Kitchens, Milk vending units, Supermarkets and Bus stations without jumping them. 👥👥👥


19. Even the weakest can help the strongest. 💪

20. Help can arrive before it is late. 🚑


21. No one who came for help was ever turned back.👷


22. Kids and students who did not go to schools and colleges due to the calamity but ran out to help have probably learned their best lessons of their life.👱

23. Brotherhood is bigger than the subtotal of our differences.👬


24. Society can function beautifully with least governance. 🆘


25. Politicians will never change. 😈

Here wishing all a hearty Sunday 💞💞 and a Happy happy countdown as the Christmas celebrations begin.. 🎄🎁🎉🎈⭐


Pray for Chennai.. 🙏

Pics courtesy: Google images