Let's make some Ghee... 😋

Hello everyone..
Though my blog is a year old,  I was dormant all these months..😴😴💤So now I am actively posting 🙅(atleast I hope to)  Every like👍 and comment 💬is special and dear to me. 😍
I was overwhelmed by the likes and questions on my post “Ghee anyone??”
Especially from my non Indian friends.. So I thought why not post a detailed recipe of how to make ghee.. 
Though that post was meant just for fun, I decided that my writing a detailed step by  step procedure would assist my friends in making ghee..There are many methods of making it.. I follow this simple one..

Ok first of all.. The process starts of by boiling milk and collecting the cream which forms on top of the milk, once the boiled milk cools down..
(That’s how we do it here in India.. In India even today specially in small towns and rural parts we get fresh cow/buffalo milk.. In cities we are more used to buying “packet milk”  that is milk sold in tetra packs..)

The process of collecting the cream may vary from days to a month,a lil tedious eh??
So what I do is..

1. I collect the cream every time I boil the milk and store it in the freezer box, once i feel it’s adequate enough,


The collected frozen cream

2. I defrost it for say, just 2-3 minutes.
3. I empty the contents into a non stick pan and keep stirring it continuously for say about 15-20 minutes on low flame


Stirring continuously on low flame..


The cream bubbling away..

4.Eventually a top layer of oily liquid will separate from the bottom which is the solid part or the sediment ( we call it the Malai or Cream) 


The top liquid layer separates from the solid part..

5. Next  just strain the contents.
6.The solid/sedimented part can be discarded.

Voila our very own homemade Ghee is ready!!!


The liquid aromatic Ghee is ready!! 😋😋


1. It’s better to stir continuously cause we don’t want the cream to get burnt

2. No need to skim off the foam..It doesn’t actually matter. 

3. Just make sure once you see the  oily layer separating and the solid part browning, thats when you should stop and turn the gas off and let it cool.

4.Ghee/clarified butter is even better than butter because it is butter without the milk solids, therefore having all  benefits of butter it doesn’t go rancid- so doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

5. For the health conscious people,watch out..Ghee Is awesome but anything in excess.. You know the rest..