Hi guys.. This post is in response to the soaring Onion prices in india.🌰📈

Onion is one veggie without which any dish is impossible to cook in India.😒
Onions are an integral part of all the Sabjis/curries we make. Imagine a Biriyani without the seasoning of onions fried in ghee.😣


An all time favourite Indian evening snack- The Onion Pakodas- easy to make and delicious, now people have to make do with other substitutes.😭
No Raita (curd concoction Β with onions and tomatoes) to go with Pulao??!!😦 Are you kidding me??!😱😱 I want want onion in it.😭
Imagine gorging on grilled chicken without pickled onions or a burger without the spicy onions..😨 My eyes are flooded with tears just at the thought of it..😭😭 Nahhhhh…impossible!! So my list is endless…sigh😪


Lucky are the Jains ( one of the Indian religions) and friends who have taken diksha( initiation by a guru in Indian Hindu religion) who manage to have food without onions and garlic but imagine the poor common man, who unable to afford the extravagant curries just about manages with Roti and Pyaaz ( hindi word for onion):|:|


Roti and Rice gruel

Moral of the story??No food tastes good without our multi layered hero-The onion!!🌰

Onion indeed is making us cry, :'(hopefully the prices come down to normal cause no one can imagine a dish without onions. 😟

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