Ok guys so Independence day came and went and the little patriotic goody girl in me is still reeling in the mystery and beauty that is India so just a few thoughts about my country and what I think about the British rule..
Sounds good isn’t it.. India celebrated 69 years of independence from the British Raj.. I have always wondered how would things have been if the Britishers or the Dutch or the Portuguese hadn’t come over.. How would the scenario be if the Mughals were still continuing their rule..
What if even the Mughals (Babur to be more precise – he was the first emperor to invade India and establish the mughal dynasty) hadn’t set foot in India or Hindustan as it was called in those days..
I wish there was a time machine where one could go back and delve into the mystery that was India.
I personally would have wanted to visit the Indus Valley civilization comprising of Harrapa and Mohenjadaro.
My history books always fascinated me, of course it was tough and a pain to memorise the dates of events that took place but it was real fun.
Ok now maybe my post will go a tad bit lengthy.. Cause as I think of independence, a sudden rush of thoughts emerge.
This is purely my opinion, Most of my reader friends would beg to differ so your views are welcome..
Firstly I do love the fact that Britishers came to India.. (I don’t mean to be rude and ungrateful, that the freedom movement all went for a waste but just saying that It had its pros and cons.)


British India - Google images

I won’t go much into the history aspect of it, but they (The British East India company) gave us our first railways, They made English – the universal language- popular here, They gave us our modern water systems (though it was a part of our ancient culture) it came more into existence after the British rule.

Stamp of First rail in India

India which was already a diverse country got its share of subjects (meaning people) from different parts of the world.
We have these beautiful churches established in the colonised parts of India like Goa, Pondicherry just to name a few, which are today labelled Anglo Indian beauties.
Magnificent, beautiful victorian era homes and museums still exists in certain parts of all the major cities.


Victoria memorial kolkata


Queen Victoria statue at cubbon Park bangalore

You will find lovely bakeries which even today serve muffins and croissants and freshly baked yummy bread, right from villages to cities they have fresh baked goodies to offer.
India being multi linguistic and multi cultural serving all Mughalai.. Portuguese.. French and Chinese cuisines, in addition to the varied Indian delicacies.
It is not just the food, the people of these different regions, each state having its own uniqueness, Each their own origin and history, an absolute delight to anyone exploring the past..
Of the Maharajas to the Sultans, to the nizams and the nawabs, India has seen it all.. Hindustan as we call it in our national language, Is truly a place to be proud off.
The land of the innumerous Gods and Goddesses, which was already varied in its People..Languages..Cuisines and with the British Raj flavoring it with more of the western culture, now stands above many things.
Yes we are a developing nation but look into us, you will find a mix of both worlds. Truly a Land of rich heritage and culture..

To my non Indian friends.. Have you been to India and if yes what did you/do you love about it??