Hi all.. Having quite a lot of free time these days ,I thought of  catching up with the books I had always intended to read, so finally on a lazy Wednesday noon I picked up the book Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.
After having read the books review somewhere online, I made a note to read it.
Eleanor and park is a lovely teen romantic story.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, my girly self sympathised with the female character of Eleanor and was totally blown over by the hero Park, her stupid perfect Asian kid!!
It’s a story of a teen girl living in a troubled house with her step dad who is rude and merciless and her mother who cannot afford another divorce what with having 5 children to cater to.
Eventually  Eleanor who is the new girl in school meets Park in the bus and the rest is history of how they meet everyday and fall in love.
Of Eleanor’s curly red hair, self hate and battles with her weight and Park hating her in the beginning cause of her weird dressing sense and eventually standing up for her, to the extent of kicking his once close buddy just to defend her.
Time and circumstances take them away from each other but the love they have always  remains.

The second book I picked up was The Fault In Our Stars.. Had heard a lot about it during the making of the movie so was curious to know what was so different in this love story by John Green..

We have the usual out of the world amazing conversation  between two teens.
The girl named Hazel being hooked to a book becomes the main storyteller.
She’s a girl of sixteen dealing with an advanced stage of thyroid cancer with mets in her lungs, having an oxygen tank she calls as Philip hooked onto her all time, Meeting this really cool young teen called Augustus Waters dealing with an amputated leg, thanks to osteosarcoma and the story goes on about how they manage to make the best of the little time they have.
Their talks impressed me,  very much advanced for 16 years old. Their obsession with the author of the book she loves and how they seek out answers to the book which ends abruptly.
Their joy and pain and how they want to be treated like normal teens, made me cry. When Augustus dies and how she copes with her loss and of her attending his funeral.

Overall a lovely story!!

For those of you with busy lives just take some time off to read the book if time permits.

Two teenage love stories after all but with lots of love and emotions attached.

Pics courtesy..
Book and Google images.