All news channels kept displaying this news….
Aruna Shanbaug… Who became famous as the rape victim in coma.. Was it a reason to be famous??!! I shudder at the thought..
A year ago on the television series called Crime patrol, they had shown her story. I vaguely remembered reading about her long back, so I settled to watch the entire series.. The story goes such… (yes the sad life of one person has just reduced to  a story to be told and retold)
Aruna Shanbaug was a young vibrant happy go lucky young woman in her early 20s who had left her native in Karnataka to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse that to in India, in the 70s..a very rare phenomenon then for some one from a village to go ahead and accomplish her dreams. She started her work as a junior nurse  at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.
She was engaged to a young doctor and was soon to be married to him. Aruna being the firebrand and outspoken girl that she was had earlier reprimanded a sweeper by name Sohanlal, so in order to avenge his insult when he found her alone, after the days duty, caught her unaware, as Aruna who had gone to change,(there were no duty doctors rooms or nurses stations in those days I guess), so she found herself being gagged and raped brutally, worst of all the monster that he was chained her with a dogs chain so that she couldn’t move and hence cut off the oxygen supply to her brain and rendered her comatosed for life.
This might sound like any  other rape story, but just as women put yourself  in her shoes and  feel what I felt while watching it being enacted  on TV.
A young woman with hopes and dreams in her eyes, wanting to get married and have a bright career just like any of us and suddenly just cause of one man’s evil desires of revenge and lust and the need to show his superiority,  her dreams and her life lay shattered for ever.
It just made me think it could have been anyone in her place,  even you or me.
It just made me think of me and my med friends, ( couldn’t stop comparing as it was the medical set up), the various night duties we did in medical school, working in government hospitals, staying alone and attending emergencies with just one male attendant by our side and only male staff on night duties.
It could have happened to any one of us.
Her fiancee, the young doctor, He did his best by visiting aruna  for few months  years and eventually got  married to some one else, I don’t blame him.He had done his best, but what about that poor girl called Aruna with dreams washed away and hopes shattered and lying like a vegetable to rot.. Not for 1 or 2  but 42 long years!!
Imagine that!! Just close your eyes and imagine her plight,
Her poor family abandoned her, no one to call a family, no feelings of hunger or thirst, sunshine or rain, laughter  or sorrow…Just a body full of bed sores lying in a single lonely  room waiting for death to place it’s soothing palm on  her.
I am  not trying to gain sympathy here by describing it this way but this is the fact.
Her colleagues, the other nursing staff,  the sisters of the hospital,continued  to fight for her and take care of her in turns and let the authorities keep her on a life support in a room. Though over the years Arunas visitors dwindled,  thanks to sisters kindness she could call a small ward room in the hospital as her home..Forever..
A kind journalist by name Pinky Virani had brought up the topic of euthanasia ( mercy killing)and had appealed  to the court but of no use.
Finally nature took its course but a tad bit late and after 42 years of suffering Aruna,  now is finally at peace!!
Imagine how different her life would have been if that brutal incident hadn’t occurred.
She might have been someone’s wife, mother,grandmother…Leading a happy life just like you and me and but what fate held for her did happen yet shuddering thinking it could have been anyone of us…
Just to show rape was always considered a sign of superiority, a sense of control and power

and a young innocent soul had to pay the price for it.
In a way I feel, though maybe not appropriate to say this but the nirbhaya girl was much better off, atleast she died instead of facing this horrible life and  was spared the agony of living in a vegetative state for 4 decades.. How cruel can life be..
I deeply feel for Aruna… May her soul rest in peace and I am thankful her sufferings came to an end…

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