Is it easier to love somebody?
Or is it easier to be loved…

If you wanna trust somebody,
You got to first trust yourself…
If you wanna be somebody,
You got to first be yourself?
Love will find it’s own way,
Just believe in yourself…

If you wanna fly so high,
With the world down below,
Spread your wings across the sky,
And let your prowess flow…

Life will take it’s own time,
To take you across the way,
Love is the only belief you have,
In yourself to guide your way…

Love will take you on the right track,
On love you must have faith,
So if you seem to loose your path,
Follow what your heart does say…

Just trust your heart and don’t forget
That the “Belief” will bring pleasure,
Gold or diamonds are just fake,
Loves the true treasure…


With inputs from Debanshu…  😉