In life what matters is the fact that you find someone who loves you despite the changes of time, in good and in bad and in happy times and in lows of life.
People seldom seem to remember that the first impression or sometimes the subsequent impressions are the ones which the other persons hold on to and as time passes, as people change, it gets difficult for the people around them especially the closed ones to understand these changes and that is when  fights and quarrels emerge. Wouldnt it be so nice if people continued to retain that innocence!! That quality, the first impressions which made others fall in love with them in the first place! Then, there would be no room for fights ,hatred ,anger and despair.
I have often pondered, as they say, yesss!! the grass seems to be greener on the opposite side, so?! how would it feel being on the opposite side???The same!!!U go out looking for betterment in others but don’t realise that the betterment begins within you!! You can maybe try changing others ,one or two things but in vain so whats the next thing to do??I feel it’s better to bend than to  break, so you compromise and live and then realise gradually that there’s  no point expecting and waiting for the changes to  occur, maybe the changes should stem from within you, so better change yourself, become immune to hatred and fights, try to calm your innerself, try not to counter question everything around you, you are not god!! You don’t have an answer or a solution or an explanation for everything that is happening around you, so it is wise to sit back and let things unfold their own way. As they say, we  haven’t taken the entire responsibility to change everything around us, nor can we sit and please everyone around us! At times it’s better to let go off things which are not in our hands and if we are able to do a little significant something  that itself is good enough and  sometimes it’s best to just lie back and watch, it’s not called being selfish, it’s just a way of life. Even if you weren’t there, the world would still exist and any happenings would be carried out even in your absence, so why fret and crib and cry when things don’t go your way or  why even ponder over it endlesslyy??Jus let it go…the key to happiness maybe lies within  ourselves. Calm yourself and let things
unfold their own way, that might result in a better and calmer and more peaceful self.